So Confused! This Baby Can’t Figure It Out When He Meets His Identical Twin Cousins For The First Time

About This Video:

Babies, aren’t they just amazing? The thing that makes them so amazing is that to them, everything is just a mystery. Each day they discover new things and their responses are just way out of this world and amazing that way. At first glance and with the way they exhibit their curiosity you would think that they have everything figured out but no they don’t. They are as astonished about everything as much as adults pretend to be about most stuff that happens to them.

This particular baby, oh man! I just can’t stop rewinding his reaction over and over because it was just hilarious. He just saw to people who looked the same for the first time and I guess the whole site just freaked him out. Deep down it’s like he was asking, “How is this even possible.”

Well, I’d cut the kid some slack because as a kid, I think everyone was equally astonished when they saw identical twins for the first time. Although the parents of the baby must have thoroughly planned this meet up, it didn’t go well according to plan. One of the twin girls just started crying which added upon the little guy’s burden. The way the little guy just kept staring as one of two twin girls cried is just adorable. He was trying to find out the why behind the tears but he just couldn’t. Yes my man, girls are just that difficult! Amazing video, I just can’t stop repeating it.

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