Todd Hoffman Star Of ‘Gold Rush’ Sings ‘Sound Of Silence’, Leaves Internet With Goosebumps!

About This Video:

You have most likely heard some epic exhibitions of “Sound Of Silence” in recent times. As far back as David Draiman’s cover with the band “Disturbed,” few melodies have turned out to be known as a power-house for vocals like this one. Everything about the tune addresses the force that it has been given by vocalists of the past. Listening to the words will speak for itself. However there is one artist specifically who draws out another side to the melody, which is what you’re going to see beneath. Somewhat gentler, and with all the vocal power you would ever need, is this bewildering spread by Todd Hoffman.

Better known for his Discovery Channel show, many individuals were not expecting such an epic execution from the ‘Gold Rush’ star Todd Hoffman. It’s absolutely amazing. Todd Hoffman is known for different things like gold mining, being a savvy agent in the mining business, and dealing with family. Goodness, and obviously his mark facial hair fit for the wild. Up to this point, singing was something even a few fans didn’t know he was able to do. Now, he records a video with a companion that stuns everybody.

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