Nurse Follows A Homeless Family. When They Turn The Corner – Even Never Expected THIS

About This Video:

When Nurse Cynthia found out that one of her patient’s were on the verge of becoming homeless, she decided to take action.

 Her patient had a brain tumor, and it was now looking like the patient’s family was going to be kicked out of their home. While the mom had been looking for work, nothing had transpired. Now with the overwhelming costs of medical treatments, there just seemed like no possible solution to their dire predicament.

Then Nurse Cynthia, turned into Angel Cynthia. She sought and fought to get them help, first securing them with temporary stays at a nearby hotel for free and then when that ran out she contacted the local news, Fox5 Surprise Squad, and indeed a surprise arrived just in time.

A partner of the squad was deeply touched with the patient’s story. United Nissan Sponsors offered them a home to live in for 12 months! Each family member had their own room, fully furnished and totally cozy. Thank God for people like Cynthia who go well out of their way to find opportunities like this and make them happen.

Clearly she had faith that a solution could be had, and she relates this to the world as she says, “I always tell people to just hang on, to have that faith.”

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