Mommy Sings “Hallelujah” – But The Way She Changes The Words has Every Mom Nodding Their Heads

About This Video:

Creativity is just intelligence having fun or so it’s said. If there is someone who should be applauded for making full use of that quote, it is Shannon Albert. Although the quote was said by someone who wasn’t remotely a joke star, Shannon, came and exquisitely put out the quote’s meaning 50 years later in an amazing way.

When you watch this video, you will be struck by two emotions. One of those is awe and the other one is laughter. I couldn’t believe it myself, I had never heard a funny cover of the hit song, “Hallelujah” before. Before today, I even thought that it was impossible to do such a thing. Come on! Hallelujah? Even now I’m still having a tough time figuring out how the hell she did it. But I understand why Shannon did what she did, she wanted to create that amazing connection. The connection between a performer and her audience. Shannon knew that a considerable part of her audience would be moms. So what other better way to connect with them than through doing something that would get then all excited and emotional at the same time.

In the video, Shannon uniquely sings the hit song Hallelujah and at the same time, she highlighted some of the toughest challenges all moms go through from the time they wake up to when they get back in bed. She sang it all, from the diapers, to the napping, to the eating and everything that may happen in between. The song was so original because Shannon was also speaking to a deeper part of herself. As a mother to an adorable 3 year old baby, Shannon sure has experienced most of these problems herself. But nevertheless, the way Shannon did it is both hilarious and adorable.

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