The Footage Is Incredible – Man Flies Drone Over Ocean And Captures Incredibly Rare Event

About This Video:

With the amazing feats we have discovered and achieved as humanity, there is one thing we haven’t been able to explore to its full lengths and breadths, our oceans. I don’t blame anyone for that though because oceans as they are, are really huge and fully exploring a vast space that huge can be an extremely formidable challenge. As I said above, our oceans are vastly unexplored which also means that the mysteries deep inside them or the mysteries that are below the waters of the oceans are also vastly unexplored. To explore some of these mysteries will require a little more than just our curiosity as humanity. It will require a complete and total overhaul of the mindset, a deep change in thinking and in our methods of exploration. This is exactly what Captain Dave Anderson did although his act was unintentional. He took his boat out to refresh his mind down by the ocean. When he got out to the ocean, he started flying his drone while exploring its vastness in the process. He ended up capturing such an amazing footage that was both awesome and intriguing.

When he got his drone above Dana point in California, he noticed crashing waves and frothy water. At a glance, this activity looked like just any other normal activity but upon investigating more, he figured out that there was more to this ocean activity than just nature. And yes there was. In doing a more thorough analysis, Cpt Dave saw something that had never been seen before. Dolphins, a lot of dolphins were moving about the ocean, creating an unforgettable sight in the process. Apart from the Dolphins, the drone also captured a mother whale playing with her baby. What an amazing video, you should definitely watch this.

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