Granny Has Long, Lanky Grey Hair So Granddaughter Brings Her In For An Incredible Makeover

About This Video:

Mary Johnsen cherishes “The Makeover Guy” so when her granddaughter took her to the studio, she was past excited and even somewhat nervous!

She strolled into the salon that day with long, wavy hair that she didn’t know how to style. The best thing about Mary was that she totally trusts Chris with her, and had confidence that he would be her change she’s been longing for!

So what happens when Chris chooses to take control of Mary’s hair? All things considered, enchantment obviously (in light of the fact that he has always over delivered)! At the point when Mary comes in for the huge uncover to her granddaughter, the young lady is stunned at how excellent her grandmother looks with the new do—she’s all grins when her granny strolls in!

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