Deputy Collapses while Guarding Prisoners, Putting his Life in their Hands… Watch What Happens!

About This Video:

A wonderful group of inmates from a prison in Georgia, US are being labelled as heroes for a wonderful act they did. As these guys were out doing remote work at a field, one of their deputies who was supervising them fell down head first to the ground. He actually collapsed, OMG! Although the reason as to why the deputy collapsed is not known, some people assume that it must have been due to sweltering heat of the environment.

In such a situation and opportunity, most inmates wouldn’t hesitate to make an escape and run for it but these inmates, wow, wow, wow! They didn’t even try to escape or think of escaping at all. Instead they did an unexpected thing. They all rushed to the rescue of the deputy. They were so coordinated such that I couldn’t believe it when I saw it myself. One rushed to the deputy’s chest to remove his shirt so that they can easily do a CPR on him. The other one quickly took the deputy’s phone and surprisingly dialed emergency services, 911.

Emergency services got to the scene about 5 minutes later but the good deputy had then been resuscitated by the 6 brave stripped heroes. The most amazing thing is that these guys did not touch anything from the scene, instead, they safely put away the deputy’s weapon, phone and other equipment of service so that they can be safely recovered. As a thank you token to these six brave heroes, the deputy’s family and relatives did a small luncheon for these inmates. This showed that sometimes the basic assumptions we make about inmates are not even remotely correct. These guys could have chosen to make a run for it but instead they did the noble thing of saving their deputy’s life.

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