81-Yr-Old Woman Sits At Piano On Sidewalk. What Happens Next Leaves Everyone Spellbound

About This Video:

“You’ve gotta make your own music. Sing your own special song, Make your own kind of music even if nobody else sings along.” Australian Natalie Trayling has taken the words of Mama Cass Elliot to heart. Rather than sing, though, Trayling makes her music on an instrument. Wherever she can.

Trayling is an unusual sort of street performer. She plays piano, not the easiest thing to cart down to the corner. Oh, and she’s 81 years old. The Melbourne resident is a staple around the city. For years her music could be heard from department stores, hotels, hospitals, the library, and yes, street corners.

Wherever Trayling could find an open piano, she would play. That is part of the joy of her performance: you never know when you’ll encounter it. Music has always been a part of Trayling’s life. She recognizes the healing power it can hold.

Through her eight decades, she has experienced the death of two children, health scares of her own, and a bout of homelessness. Through all of her trials, her music kept her going. She learned to play as a child, taught by the nuns at her school. Now she not only plays the classics she was trained with, she also shares her own original works.

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