This 100 Year Old Tattoo Artist Has A Secret Technique That Makes People Travel The World

About This Video:

There are many reasons why individuals get a tattoo. Some do it for the craftsmanship, some for enthusiasm and some since they look lovely. The greater part of them consider getting a tattoo an exceptionally cool thing. Having this as a top priority, you are going to meet the coolest 100-year-old ever!

Her name is Apo Whang Od, and she is the most seasoned tattoo craftsman in the Philippines. What makes Apo unique, and powers individuals to climb through mountains just to get to her will be her method. She is the main surviving tattoo craftsman that follows the hand-tapping technique. The ink is a blend of charcoal and water, and is embedded in the skin with the broken end of trees or thistles. You won’t see something like this anyplace else on the planet.

Watching this stunning granny make art is quite magical. Despite the fact that she is about 100 years of age, her hands and eyes are working flawlessly. Look at the video to hear her story and SHARE with every one of your companions and tattoo sweethearts.

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